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Point-of-Care is the Future of Diagnostics

Impacting Millions of Lives Around the World

Bio-Stream has developed a revolutionary diagnostic platform using organic electrochemical transistor technology (OECT) that can be used anywhere by anyone.

  • Versatilecan be functionalized with different antibodies to target a variety of target biomarkers.  
  • Low CostUses mature screen printing manufacturing processes for high volume/ low cost production of test strips. Handheld readers use common off-the shelf components
  • Fast -Results are returned in minutes
  • Accurate – Robust sensitivity and specificity 
  • Digital -Bluetooth enabled allowing instant data capture, sharing and storage of every test ever administered


This single device can be customized into hundreds of different diagnostic tests by simply switching out the functionalized antibody.

There are thousands of known antibody-antigen combinations  that have diagnostic utility, each potentially representing a new healthcare application. 

Bio-Stream Reader and Test Strip

Bio-Stream Reader and Test Strip

How to Use the Bio-Stream Diagnostic Platform 


Bio-Stream Diagnostics Inc. is a privately-owned corporation headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The company was started in 2020 to develop and commercialize a best-of-class diagnostic platform.

Delivering digital data from fast, accurate, and affordable point of-care-testing

Bio-Stream has a solution.

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