Testing Matters When...





health issues must be identified QUICKLY

Testing Matters When...





diagnoses need to be ACCURATE

Testing Matters When...





results have to be ACCESSIBLE

Bio-Stream is in the business of working with researchers, centralized labs, and diagnostic companies to bring point-of-care and at-home testing to market. We do this by providing a small, low-cost transistor and companion reader that together provide exceptional accuracy in detecting antigens.

The Bio-Stream Platform is based on organic electrochemical transistor (OECT) technology to detect your biomarkers of choice (which differs from lateral flow rapid and specialized PCR tests). We deliver the traxEssentials kit that allows one to create highly accurate screening and diagnostic tests quickly– build your bio-assay in just eight weeks!

Of course, we are here to help if you need a hand getting started or learning more, so feel free to contact us.

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