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Along with our diverse team of experts, we are working with others to ensure a better outcome for all. Time is of the essence, so please reach out to us… especially if you are:

An experienced investor who understands the balance between a worthy project and healthy return on investment

A business owner where social distancing is a challenge in your company

A person working in a medical screening environment and would consider providing access to a testing site

A person working a health facility that could benefit from a rapid test


A person able to mobilize a portable field system for rapid testing

A person with access to operating a Level 2 Lab interested in PCR comparison testing

A person working in a research facility that has viral Raman spectra that we could process

A provider of health services in a developing country or marginalized community with limited infrastructure

A person working on a vaccine where a rapid test could support an effective rollout

A person selling, supporting, manufacturing Raman technology

A person doing research where this Raman approach could help speed up your project


A person interested in spreading the word about our project through your personal network