Our Technology

Bio-Stream has developed an integrated diagnostic testing platform that uses organic electro-chemical transistor (OECT) technology.

  • Efficient ion to electron transducer generates detectable voltage signal 
  • Results returned in 3 minutes 
  • High accuracy at low levels of detection
  • Different test possible by simply swapping the chemistry
  • Disposable low cost test strips and a low cost Bluetooth enabled reader
  • Powered by proprietary algorithms
  • Architected on APIs allowing seamless integration
  • Data is captured on a trusted server 

OECT Test Strip and Reader

A significant barrier to early disease treatment is waiting for diagnostic test results to come back from the lab. It is for this reason that testing has had only limited value in stopping the transmission of COVID-19. Bio-Stream understands that the pandemic is not over. The first product being brought to market is a point-of-care test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus that can deliver immediate results at accuracy levels comparable to PCR testing, even when a persons viral load is still very low. This test will revolutionize COVID-19 detection.

Bio-Stream’s testing technology is based on an organic electro-chemical transistor platform (OECT). The intimate contact between the analyte and the electrodes allows instant signal generation. The algorithms built into the reader allows for digital detection of significantly weaker voltage shifts generated from samples with low viral concentration. This means that the Bio-Stream OECT test has lower limits of detection making it highly  sensitive, and that the interpretation of the results is quantitative rather than qualitative. This means that result interpretation is automated, making it consistent and accurate.

The beauty is that an OECT transistor can be functionalized with bait antibodies for many different target viruses.  That means that by simply changing the antibody functionalization, another type of test can be developed using the same OECT strip technology and reader. 

The Bio-Stream OECT testing platform is distinguished by its critical combination of: 

Simplicity of use at Point-of-Care